Our Approach

Outpost Farm is committed to producing the freshest foods possible.  From the turkeys we raise to the fruits and vegetables we harvest, we strive to practice sustainable agriculture.  Having locally grown foods is better for the environment and better for the consumer.  Here customers have direct access to and know exactly what is in their food and where it is grown.  We are devoted to bringing healthy food fresh from our farm to your family.

Our Story

The Nickerson family established Outpost Farm in the 1950’s as a chicken and egg farm.  When the egg industry left New England for southern state, Outpost switched to producing fresh turkeys for the New England area.  Around 1970, an additional fifty acres of land was purchased in Holliston to grow fresh produce.  In 1996 owner Charlie Nickerson retired and longtime employee Adrian Collins became the new owner.  In 2009 two more veteran employees, Paula Hale and Kevin Drake became partners with Adrian.

Today, Outpost still maintain the same mission it did sixty years ago: to provide excellent food with great service at an affordable price.  Using responsible agricultural practices, Outpost still produces high quality products for the community as it has done for the last six decades.

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